Yaksha means celestials / celestial beings. Inspired by an Indian mythological hero Shiva
Design, eco friendly - home decor, macramé jewellery, murals, framed art work, originals and printed copies, art consultation and more.


We at Yaksha intend to capture and recreate extraordinary moments of all the worlds man has known. Our ART is ultimate beauty- personified, unexplained emotions- captured further depicted at one point- mastered, also contains soulful ,Intriguing surrealistic subject matter, fractal patterns, in depth details, geometric designs, historic symbols, nature Zen tangle, etc :)
Take time to view it... free your mind and enjoy!!

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Each piece of work by Yaksha is unique, with very minimal or no use of tools, handmade / hand drawn by a self taught artist named Jositta Francis.

Art displayed is made on canvas, wood, handmade paper, marble paper, fabric, clay and many more.
Mediums used: fade proof and water proof inks, whitener with quill, graphite, charcoal, poster colors, oil paint, water colors etc.

Yaksha also intends to make art affordable (all arts that are on sale can be purchased with a reasonable amount of money or exchange of goods/ barter accepted) 20% of the earnings go to a NGO based in India (JCILM)